Raw Scampi

Raw Scampi

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Food Description

In the last twenty years Scampi has come to mean one thing - scampi-flavoured breadcrumb balls in a basket. It's such a shame. Many gourmets think that raw scampi have a better flavour than prawns (the Spanish in particular).

Scampi is also known as Langoustine and Dublin Bay Prawn. Whatever you call them, they have a delicate lobster-like taste and before shelling, they actually resemble their large cousin.

Ours are pre-shelled and they come from Scotland, where the best Langoustine are found.

Any dish calling for large prawns will be transformed by a change of ingredient, and there are many dishes calling for Scampi in their own right - which baby-boomer does not remember Scampi Provencale on the Bistro menu?

What you Get: Raw, Peeled Scampi - Case Weight 1.5kg


Scampi (Nephros Norvegicus) water, salt, E450(c)

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