Garlic King Prawns

Garlic King Prawns

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Food Description

Just opening the box starts your mouth watering. Large King Prawns are coated in a thick mixture of Pecorino cheese, white wine, herbs and garlic. To be honest, there is no subtlety about these prawns, but having said that, the delicacy of the shellfish still shines through.

The prawns can be used in oh so many ways. On their own with some crusty bread, in a stir-fry, as the basis of a pasta sauce. Alternatively, why not have a pot of them bubbling away on the BBQ. Or even add a few to the pan that you have just cooked your steak in. They can finish while your steak is resting, and the end result is a heavenly combination.

We promise that you will never tire of finding new ways to enjoy them.. 

What you Get: Raw King Prawns in a garlic, cheese and wine sauce. Case Weight 1.4kg


Prawns (50%), Sauce: water, butter, Pecorino cheese, vegetable oil, garlic powder, herbs, salt, white wine vinegar, onion powder, concentrated lemon juice, stabiliser (xanthan gum E415), modified starch, spices, white pepper, fish bouillon flavouring, colour (caroten E160a).

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