Prepared Fish Selection

Prepared Fish Selection

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Food Description

If you like to have freezer packed with variety or if you have a family that finds it difficult to come up with a unanimous decision, then this selection box is for you. 

Choose from Salmon Shanties, Lemon & Pepper Sole andHaddock Toppers. These are our most popular fish dishes which are presented in one box. And because they are all oven cook you can mix and match at the same meal time.

What you Get: 4 x Salmon Shanties, 4 x Lemon/Pepper Sole & 4 x Haddock Toppers. 


Salmon & Broccoli Shanties
Salmon (35%), batter (water, wheat flour, wheat starch, salt, sugar), hydrogenated vegetable oil, raising agents: monosodium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, whole egg (powder), broccoli, breadcrumbs, milk, vegetable oil, full fat cream, cheese, whipped cream, modified maize starch, butter, vegetable bouillon, onion, dill, salt, pepper.

Haddock Toppers Haddock (50%), breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt, yeast, dextrose), batter, cheese, rape seed oil.

Lemon & Pepper Sole 
Sole, Batter(water, flour. Maize flour), rusk, salt, pepper extract, citric acid, vegetable oil, dextrose, pepper flavouring.


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