Jumbo Cod Fingers

Jumbo Cod Fingers

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Food Description

You could never accuse Super Chef of doing things by halves.

A fish finger has to be Cod; prime Cod with no skin and definitely no bones. A fish finger also has to be a decent size. 71 grams may not sound much, but trust us, you will not find a bigger one. And when the box has 24 of these beauties that's a lot of quality fish.

Our Jumbo Cod Fingers are not just for children. They are perfect for those who do not want a large serving, but are not prepared to compromise.

What you get: 24 fingers (71g. each).

Ingredients: Cod, batter (water, wheat flour, maize flour, wheat starch, rusk, salt, soya flour, sodium bicarbonate), mustard powder, skimmed milk powder, flavouring, rapeseed oil. 

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