Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets

Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets

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The difference between hot smoking and cold smoking is simply that a cold smoked product needs further cooking and hot smoked is cooked and ready to eat.

Hot smoked salmon is the finest example of the latter; and our hot-smoked salmon is the best we've ever tasted. It may be the fact that they are are smoked in traditional kilns that are over a hundred years old.

These thick chunks of middle-cut salmon fillet have a delicious smoky taste, lending themselves to a variety of serving options. They make a great starter, either on their own or in a home-made pate. They are also a perfect filling for a sandwich perhaps accompanied with cream cheese, or alternatively, try hot smoked salmon as a topping for pasta.

What you Get: 10 x Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets 135g (approx) each.


Salmon, salt (brine) & oak smoke

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