Welcome to the Super Chef Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you’ll find your most important questions about our frozen food delivery service. If you question in not answered then please give us a call on 01508 531 580, we’re a friendly bunch, or use our contact page

For all Questions related to delivery please view the Super Chef Delivery Page.

Q: Can I call you and talk to a real person?

A: Yes, please call us on 01508 531 580. We’re a friendly local business staffed with people that love what they do.

Q: Why Should I buy from you?

A: Our frozen food is not available on the high street. All our products are of the highest quality, delivered to your door and are very convenient. Most of our dishes are simple to cook in the oven. Other food like our paella is stir-fried (even quicker) or boiled in a bag.

Q: How did Super Chef Start?

A: Super Chef started as frozen food delivery service by van, mainly covering the East Anglia region. The van fleet delivery business is still a major part of our business but now we can reach out to a larger audience with the Super Chef online shop.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Our HQ is on a business park, situated in Long Stratton, Norfolk.

Q: Do you use your own vans for delivery?

A: Yes we use our own vans in certain areas.  For the rest of the country (apart from some parts of the Highlands of Scotland) your order is delivered by our appointed couriers.

Q: What is the Super Chef Service?

A: Super Chef specialises in providing, frozen, luxury, gourmet meals delivered to you door.

Q: How safe is it to deliver food by a courier?

A: We have a very successful business and believe that our secure packaging, the use of dry ice and insulation makes our food service perfectly safe.

Q: How hygienic is your food preparation?

A: Very. We use trained operatives, have achieved the national standard in health care and take our monitoring of Health & Safety very seriously. 

Q: Why should I use frozen food instead of fresh?

A: Convenience and taste are the order of the day. Buy in bulk and always have high quality gourmet food on call. It’s healthy and nutritious like fresh food, as long as you don’t over indulge!

Q: Is your fish and shell fish ethically sourced?

A: Yes we source all our seafood from sustainable stocks. It’s frozen immediately to lock in taste and be as fresh as possible.

Q: How to I prepare the food?

A: Full instructions are included with your order.

Q: Does your food contain nuts?

A: Most of what we deliver does not contain nuts but we cannot guarantee that our dishes do not contain traces of nuts.

Q: Do you have a complaints procedure?

A: We work very hard to give you the best food and service. If you are not happy with anything, please give us a call on 01508 531 580.

Q: Is your frozen food available in a supermarket?

A: No. We source food that is not available in high street supermarkets. This makes us unique.

Q: Can I recycle the packaging?

A: Yes, the cardboard and plastics can easily be recycled and the insulation material can be used either as an improvised cool box (just add some ice packs) or if you are a keen gardener, they are very useful for planting.

The Super Chef Team