Sole Topper

Sole Topper

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Food Description

A large whole fillet of Yellowfin Sole with a tasty topping of Cheddar cheese, prawns and mushrooms, covered in oven crisp breadcrumbs. They look substantial and taste delicious.

Yellowfin Sole is a succulent firm flatfish with a superior taste. It's a definite family pleaser.

What you Get: 8 x Yellowfin Sole Topper Supremes (200g each)


Sole (40%), skimmed milk, Cheddar cheese, prawns, mushrooms, modified maize starch, salt, onion powder, sugar, stabilisers, mustard, parsley, pepper, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt, yeast, dextrose), batter (wheat flour, water, salt) rape seed oil.

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