Salmon Fillets

Salmon Fillets

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Food Description

No other fish can conjure up 'the good life' in a way that Salmon does.

To cater for this popularity Salmon is now extensively farmed and a regular on the family meal table. Our Salmon however is plucked from the sea. This is salmon  how it should taste.

From the cold North Atlantic waters, our Salmon is deep pink, almost red in colour and extremely succulent.  Each of the ten fillets is a middle cut, skinned, boned, and individually packed, ready for you to cook any way you choose.

If we were asked which product in the Super Chef range is paid the most compliments then our Salmon is the consistent winner, year after year.

If you like Salmon you will love these.

What you Get: 10 x Individual Salmon Fillets (Average weight between 140g - 170g)


Salmon & retained water

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