Crispy Roast Duck

Crispy Roast Duck

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Food Description

If you like Chinese style crispy roast Duck then these are for you. Half Ducklings, boned, marinated and then cooked. Your only task is to ensure that they are cooked through and then place them under the grill for two minutes for that promised crispiness.

The traditional way to enjoy Crispy Duck (or at least the Anglo tradition) is to shred it and serve with savoury pancakes, Hoi-sin sauce and matchstick pieces of cucumber and Spring Onion (Scallions). However, as they are fully boned, it is easy to cut them up and add to stir-fries, Chow-Mein and so on. Also it is not surprising that they lend themselves to barbecue cooking superbly. Once you've tried it, the humble beefburger will hardly have a look in.   


What you Get:  4 packs of 2 boned half ducks (between 300g - 325g per portion)


Duckling, salt, pepper, sugar. 

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