The answer to the question is "yes", the Super Chef Sausages are Gluten Free. They are made with rice rather than breadcrumb. There is more to it than that, because there is not any difference in the taste or flavour. In fact our Sausages are exceptionally good and certainly qualify as a Gourmet Food Product which can be delivered to your door. Many butchers make sausages using the scraps from the day's butchering and, therefore, there is not any consistency in the taste and flavour. Super Chef Sausages are made specifically from the shoulder of pigs and are, fully, retraceable. So, ..
First of all let us be clear about Sea Bass; there are two distinct fish that are commonly known as Sea Bass. The first is the European variety, which is currently the focus of worries about depleted stocks. These are native to the North Sea and similar waters and an excellent food fish. The other Sea Bass is the Asian variety, common to such waters as the Indian Ocean but now increasingly farmed to ensure rigorous quality standards are maintained. This fish, is the Asian Sea Bass or as it is more widely known, Barramundi. The reason for the name is not clear cut but appears to have ..
In the beginning man picked his own food; then he killed his own food; lastly, he learnt to grow his own food. Today some of us have fruit trees, some fish and many of us are avid growers of our own fruit and vegetables. But not all of us. The vast majority rely on others to have picked and packed, to have slaughtered cleaned, gutted and butchered in order for us to cook with the minimum of inconvenience and in the shortest possible time. What this means for us as individuals is that we have not personally chosen the ripest plum on the tree, we have not judged when the potatoes can be pulled, ..
The universal appeal of breaded Scampi really began when the post-war baby boomers started to bring home their first pay packets. Eating out was not a particularly British thing but the 70's and 80's witnessed an unstoppable surge in wining and dining. The era that brought pate and toast, Prawn Cocktail, Chicken Kiev and Black Forest Gateau into wide recognition is also responsible for introducing scampi to an eager public;bistros offered something new and exotic in Scampi Provencale, whilst Breaded Scampi took on a life of its own. The sheer success of breaded scampi brought new probl..
There is no doubt that Crispy Duck is one of those magical dishes. Any Chinese waiter worth his salt will have learnt the art of shredding a duck at table, using only two forks. Without wishing to take away anything from the spectacle, it's not difficult if the duck has been prepared and cooked properly. Preparation usually means hanging the duck to dry it completely, coating with a marinade that includes colouring, and then cooking it to the point where it is dry enough to shred easily. If you have the time then you will be able to achieve similar results.But what if you do not have the time?..
In the constant fight between the supermarkets no one area is immune from the pressure to offer the lowest prices. Whilst tinned goods and toilet rolls will remain the same regardless, fresh meat is altogether different. Properly reared, expertly treated meat will never be cheap, but few of us, especially those with families are able to choose the best for every meal. That is why special offers on fresh beef can seem so attractive. And most supermarkets will put little stickers on - 'suitable for home freezing' - just to be sure that you buy as much as possible. However that sticker announces ..
We are going to make an assumption that we are talking about mature parents in order to answer this question. Generally speaking older people are not eaters of large amounts but they do appreciate gourmet food. Age confirms that quality wins out over quantity where food is concerned. A well-balanced present would be to provide a Starter, a Main Course and a Dessert. One suggestion for a starter could be our Salad Prawns given that the portion quantity can easily be controlled. These are the most flavoursome Prawns that one can buy, and one of the few ..
It may seem strange to talk of 'cold' smoking and 'hot' smoking when smoke is the product of heat. However, the terms refer to the the end result on the fish itself. Basically fish that is hot smoked requires no further cooking and is ready to eat whilst cold smoked fish is still a raw product (the smoked salmon that is familiar to all is a hybrid as we will explain). The most popular hot smoked fish is Smoked Mackerel, a fish that seems to be perfect for smoking. Less well known but unbelievably good is Hot Smoked Salmon. Here the salmon is cooked during the smoking process, and the resu..
It's strange to think that after the second world war, and in fact up to the sixties, chicken was regarded by many families as a rare treat. Nowadays chicken not only has its own dining chains such as Nandos and Kentucky, but can be found in nugget form and every permutation from there. So if you are serving chicken to impress where do you start? The first thing it goes without saying is the quality of the chicken itself; there is no substitute for the depth of flavour that free-range chicken provides. Second, matching chicken to complementary flavours helps, but given how chicken works well w..
Scampi is one of the best known and most popular dishes that are eaten outside of the home. Scampi - Langoustine or Dublin Bay Prawns to give it its other names - is familiar as a breaded seafood, which when it first gained popularityin the sixties would be presented with Tartare sauce - in those days an equally exotic item. Nowadays scampi is available everywhere, and like anything where demand exceeds supply there are recognised rules concerning the amount of additives such as rusk that may be added without losing the ability to call itself scampi. There is only one premium scampi and that i..
When we visit our customers, they often wish to expand the range of products that they buy from us by adding some children's favourites to their purchase. Although they are enjoyed by young and old there are certain products that win approval every time. For example, our Cod Fingers which are large in size and weight (71gm each). These are pure Cod, coated in batter and nothing like the fish fingers that one can purchase in the shops. Those are made up with a mixture of cheaper white fish. Another fish product is our Breaded Haddock Bites which are literally bite-..
The Nanny state can look to many small victories that keep us all quivering wrecks, but one of the best is the fear of re-freezing. For the vast majority of us, if something has defrosted then it must be used immediately or binned. This fear actually stops some people buying frozed food. The problem is that there is no specified account of the perils that await anyone reckless enough to re-freeze. It is a complicated answer - but - in the vast majority of cases it is less dangerous than eating chicken. The reason, the only reason for not refreezing (from a health point of view) is the possi..
At Super Chef we have a number of products in breadcrumbs and one or two in batter. In every case they are presented ready for oven cooking. What this means is that the crumb or batter has been correctly pre-cooked so that it retains a little oil or fat , essential for perfect cooking and flavour. Why bother you may ask. And the answer is twofold: health and taste. To take taste first; if you put a plain old breadcrumb in the oven you are likely to end up with something resembling a biscuit, or worse just a mush. This is because there is no cooking 'agent' that will both seal and cook. From a ..
At Super Chef we have products that have been popular in every one of our 17 years trading. Salad Prawns and Salmon Supremes fall into that category, but that is because their quality is incomparable. The number one prepared product is our Salmon & Broccoli shanty. Chunks of salmon and florets of broccoli are bound together with dill sauce and presented in a shanty of oven-cook breadcrumbs.Each shanty weighs in at 185 grams so they are also a substantial size. They are loved for a number of reasons - the combination of salmon and broccoli is an inspired one, they are the perfect size for a..
Public health experts have questioned 6,000 people about their lifestyles and have come up with one conclusion that is great news for Superchef customers: those of us who eat well can afford that extra glass of wine with their meal. Apparently if we eat good food there is much less chance of us suffering from obesity, and as fewer of us are smokers the risks are much, much lower. This is the sort of thing that common sense would tell you, but it is good to have it officially recognised. So, if we start to recommend the ideal wine for some of our dishes it is not because we are condoning drinki..